10 Tips To Pack On Fat Melting Muscle

In our article Incinerate Your Fat With These Metabolism Boosting Power Foods we stated that adding just one pound of muscle increases our calorie expenditure by 35-50 calories. Adding ten pounds of muscle enables us to burn an extra pound of fat every seven to ten days.

Adding muscle will make you look leaner and fitter as well as muscle is only half the size of fat. Imagine five pounds of fat being the size of three grapefruits and five pounds of muscle being the size of three oranges.

The key to losing fat and looking leaner is to pack on muscle. This article will share ten top tips for packing on calorie melting muscle.

  1. A high quantity of water is essential. Try to drink four to six litres of water daily to ensure your muscles remain hydrated.

  2. Forgot “five a day”, try to consume between 10-12 servings of fruit and vegetables per day.

  3. Consume 1.5g of muscle building protein for every kilo of your bodyweight from foods such as whole eggs, chicken, lean beef and whole milk.

  4. If you want to accelerate your muscle gain and avoid boredom, find a partner to train with.

  5. Similarly, to keep yourself motivated, keep a fitness journal and track your progress.

  6. Consume a variety of healthy fats to aid muscle building hormone production, such as fish oil, olive oil, coconut oil and mixed nuts.

  7. Have a cold shower after every workout. It’s painful, but the benefits are endless (cold showers boost your metabolism and help your weight loss).

  8. Eat more often, but eat less. It enables you to utilize nutrients more readily and achieve greater food absorption.

  9. Take a multi-vitamin to ensure you aren’t deficient in any vitamins which is essential for muscle growth.

  10. Rest more often. If you don’t rest, you won’t grow. Muscle is not built in the gym, it’s built when resting.

I hope these quick tips have given you an insight into gaining muscle to eradicate fat. Sign up below for more top quality weight loss and stomach flattening advice delivered direct to your email inbox.


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